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File for NOC from Pollution Control Board With GRC India

To operate an industry, manufacturers are required to secure NOC from the requisite pollution control board. The central Environmental Protection board and pollution control authorities have categorised the diverse industries based on the amount of pollution emitted. This categorisation of industries is applicable under the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981. 


Categories of Industries under Pollution Control Board

  • Orange Category

  • Red Category

  • Green Category

  • White Category


Industries that fall in the red, orange or green category are required to secure their CTO/CTE from the pollution control authorities. It is mandatory for all the industries under these categories to get NOC from the Pollution Control Board. 


Industries under the white category do not require CTO/CTE from the pollution control board. 


Compliance executives at GRC India extend services to file your NOC from Pollution Control Board in Delhi NCR. We assist manufacturers to secure their NOC under the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.


Based on the revised classification of industries by the Central Pollution Control Board as of February 2, 2019, GRC India assists in securing NOC to the below-listed industries-


  1. Red Category- Hotels, restaurants, clubs and lodges with overall wastewater generation (100 KLD or more).

  2. Orange Category- Hotels ( > 3 Star) or hotels ( with more than 20 but less than 100) rooms and have a coal/oil fired boiler.

  3. Green Category- Hotels up to 20 rooms without boilers, overall wastewater generation(<10 KLD) and no hazardous waste generation. 


Eligibility Criteria To Secure NOC 

The following are the eligibility criteria a candidate needs to satisfy for securing their NOC from Pollution Control Board.

  • The industry is in a demarcated area.

  • It should have less than 2 crore hosiery machinery.

  • No pollution discharge in any form.

  • No hazardous waste is discharged in operations.


Documents required to Secure NOC

  • Layout plan of the proposed industry. Sewage emission and treatment plans should be mentioned in the layout. 

  • Information on DG Set along with capacity.

  • A sheet for process flow information.

  • Analysis report on solid waste, hazardous waste and fuel gases.

  • Complete information on instruments related to the concerned air and pollution control board.

  • Air effluent Quality Report.

  • All information related to chemical reactions.

  • A demand draft is drawn in favour of the pollution control board for the Consent fee.

  • A copy of the Environmental Clearance Certificate from the Government of India. ( Only for first time consent to operate)

  • Calculations sheet for water budget.

  • Monitoring facility in a diagrammatic representation.

  • Emission Analysis reports of the industry.

  • Cess Applicable to the water industry.


File your NOC with GRC India


GRC India is an organisation with a team of proficient and experienced professionals working towards extending optimal solutions to add value to your business. At GRC, we provide services to register your entity and secure a NOC from the Pollution Control Board in Delhi NCR. Our team constantly monitors the process to support you until the certificate is delivered.