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Obtain Your Half-Yearly Compliance Report from GRC India


GRC India extends services for half-yearly compliance reports to projects as a part of the post environmental clearance monitoring process. It is mandatory for project management to submit a half-yearly compliance report in respect of the prior environmental clearance terms and conditions in hard & soft copies to the concerned regulatory authority on 1st June and 1st December of each calendar year.


All the half-yearly compliance reports submitted by the project management will be public documents. Copies of the compliance reports shall be provided to any person on application to the concerned authority. The latest half-yearly compliance reports will also be displayed on the website of the concerned regulatory authority.


Our Vision: Add Value to the Client’s Project through Our Services


GRC India is an organisation with a team of multidisciplinary experts (in-house and empanelled) working with persistence and dedication to providing optimal solutions for all EIA needs. It aims to make the post environmental monitoring process hassle-free for the clients. Our team of experienced professionals has successfully culminated numerous projects within limited time frames to ensure quality services to our clients.


Combining our knowledge with unrivalled experience, we offer services to both national and international customers to meet their requirements. Our organisation is a leading Environmental Consultancy for all Environment Management Services in India. 

We promise to deliver cost-effective solutions to help you obtain your half-yearly compliance report. Contact us to know more about our compliance report services.