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Go Green With GRC: Your Green Building Consultants in India


Globally, we can see how modern and sustainable infrastructure designs are contributing to the preservation of the environment. As the infrastructure sector is growing rapidly, there is a need to shift towards green designs that aim towards minimizing the negative impact on the environment. 

Green building is a holistic concept where establishments are built with environment-friendly elements to move towards sustainable development. The design, construction, and operation of green building projects are directed towards minimizing the negative impact of the structures on the environment and public health. 


Get Green Building Certification


GRC India extends complete consultancy services for green building certification in India. A green building certification establishes standards of sustainability and assesses the performance of green projects. Our team of multidisciplinary experts is trained to facilitate the clients with cost-effective solutions to build sustainably. We perform in-depth feasibility studies for green building projects in a series of categories including, water, land, the material used, waste, pollution, and management.


 Consultancy in Green Building Projects:


  • Green Building Rating & Certifications through LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) India & GRIHA (The Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) India

  • Energy Simulation Studies & Commissioning of Green Building Projects

  • Energy Accounting & Performance Studies

  • Team comprises of highly technical and skilled workforce, some of whom are LEED Accredited Professionals by USGBC and accredited Energy Managers approved by BEE, Govt. of India


At GRC India, we take pride in extending the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in the gamut of green building consultancy services. Our green concepts and techniques aim at judiciously shifting towards conserving natural resources, efficiency, and handling of waste. Contact us to get your green building certification today.