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Address All Environmental Needs of Your Projects With GRC India

GRC India is a leading multidisciplinary environmental firm extending environmental services to various developmental sectors. Our organisation is closely associated with a pool of experienced professionals working with determination and persistence to provide the successful culmination of all projects in the shortest time possible. Our experts work as Environmental Compliance consultants to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for addressing environmental pollution in India. We offer our services to both national and international clients to meet their statuary, non-statutory, regulatory and non-regulatory requirements. 


GRC India provides the highest standard of all environmental services to our clients. As Environmental Management Consultants, we assist our clients to formulate, implement and monitor environment protection through the preparation of EMP reports. Our team has years of expertise in providing clients with corrective measures to help them comply with the regulations during and after the commissioning of the project. 


The EMP reports prepared by GRC will help you comply with the regulations stipulated by MOEF. The advisory and measures in the report will provide you with economical solutions to make changes before commencing the project. 


We are one of the most trustable Environmental sustainability consulting firms in India. Our organisation is committed to delivering quality services for compliance with any environmental issues that may arise. Our capability of reducing risks and liability exposure helps you mitigate the negative impacts of the processes and adhere to permit requirements during operations.

 Environmental Sustainability Consulting Firms

We also extend our services for Industry development analysis to give an insight into the industry dynamics to our clients. GRC understands the importance of determining the level of competitive pressure your business might be exposed to in the industry. Hence, our team performs detailed strategic analysis to help you understand the position of your firm relative to other firms in the industry.


GRC India shall assist you with

  • Technical Advice on Environmental Issues

  • Legal Advice Related To Environment

  • Implementation of Environmental Management System


GRC India envisions contributing to economic growth without disrupting the fragile balance between our environment and new developmental activities taking place in the country. We strive to provide the best consultancy services to minimise the negative impact of projects/activities on human health and the environment. Our organisation takes immense pride in offering unparalleled services for all environmental needs. Our team of highly experienced professionals addresses the situation right from the grass-root level. We promise to deliver optimum quality results for all our functional areas. Contact us to hire our consultancy services.