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It is the duty of all human beings and industrial sectors to manage their developmental activities in accordance with the working of our ecology and biodiversity. It is essential for all of us to plan our progress in coexistence with our planet’s health. Most of the new developmental/expansionary initiatives are present in areas rich in biodiversity; these, however, are highly specialised activities. They require conducting detailed and specific studies to help the development take place without disrupting the natural ecosystem.


At GRC India, we understand our responsibility in contributing towards sustainable economic growth. Biodiversity is a vital asset for our planet, and some developmental operations may cause its depletion, leaving a negative impact on the environment. Our organisation offers services to help firms combat biodiversity loss and enhance their performance by managing the negative impacts of their operations.


We possess the expertise to guide our clients on the conservation of biodiversity and mitigate the ecological impacts of their projects/activities. We have a team of highly experienced professionals to help our clients with well-researched methods for exercising minimisation and making restoration efforts.


 Ecological & Biodiversity Studies include:

  • Terrestrial Ecology (Flora & Fauna / Wild Life)

  • Aquatic Ecology (Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Macro-invertebrates, Fishes, and Macrophytes etc.)

  • Micro-biology

  • Bio-monitoring: Rivers, Wetlands, Lakes, Ponds, and Estuaries, etc.


GRC India: Helping You Grow With Sustainable Solutions

GRC India is setting an example amongst ecological consulting firms in India by yielding an opportunity to companies towards working on an integrated approach for the conservation of ecology and biodiversity. Our organisation stands dedicated to providing assistance in minimising the negative effects of human activities on the environment. We strive to put all our knowledge and experience into assisting our clients to manage their projects' development without disrupting the ecosystems. Contact us to know more about our ecological & biodiversity studies.