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Obtain Environment Clearance Certificate for Your Projects With GRC

The Environment Clearance (EC) Certificate is a mandatory requirement for the development projects listed in the schedule of EIA Notification dated 14th September 2006 under the Environmental (Protection) Act 1986. All projects that may cause environmental pollution need to acquire this certificate from the government before commencing any project-related activities on the site.


EC Letter Process for New Projects

The Environmental Clearance Certificate assesses the positive and negative impacts of a planned project on the environment and provides measures to mitigate any negative impacts of the same. Businesses who need to obtain EC Letter from MOEF for their projects have to undergo a maximum of 4 stages to clear the process. The four stages in the Environmental Clearance process in sequential order are-


  1. Stage 1 - Screening (Only for Category B projects and activities)

  2. Stage 2- Scoping

  3. Stage 3- Public Consultation

  4. Stage 4- Appraisal 


EC Letter Process for Existing Projects

All existing projects seeking clearance for expansion, modernization or change in product mix beyond the capacity of which existing EC has been granted can submit their applications for EC.The applications will be considered by the concerned Expert Appraisal Committee within sixty days. The committee will decide on the required diligence included in the EIA reports and the applications will be appraised accordingly for grant of environmental clearance.  


Secure your Environment Clearance Letter from GRC 

GRC India comprises a team of multi-disciplinary experts working to extend the finest quality services in all functional areas. We work diligently to help our clients obtain their EC letters from MOEF successfully. Our organisation is committed to delivering cost-effective optimal solutions to our clients for their project activities. Hire us to get hassle-free services for EC letter processing for all your projects.