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Since its inception, GRC India has been actively supporting community development projects through its sister concern viz. SEARCH Foundation. GRC India, as part of its business activities, upholds its Corporate Policy to support community development projects for the socio-economic development of weaker sections of the society.

The company believes that it is essential to support communities and the surroundings in which the corporate world live and work. Therefore, it also urges its clients to take up community development projects as part of Corporate Environment & Social Responsibility (CESR).

The GRC India Corporate Responsibility Team has well developed metrics to monitor the performances in each area of community work.

As Paris Climate Change Agreement was officially signed by all 196 participating nations signals a global shift towards a low carbon economy in the 21st century. Businesses should seize the opportunity to significantly adjust business models to move towards low carbon production, product-service systems, cradle-to-cradle design, and industrial ecology. Businesses can expect increasing regulation in regards to disclosure, transparency and carbon markets.

To meet growing demand for sustainable goods and services, businesses around the world are innovating and developing new ways of doing business. Indian businesses across all sectors must innovate and improve upon existing business practices to remain internationally competitive.

There is a huge opportunity for future focused business leaders as the globe transitions to a low carbon future.  The Paris Agreement allows individual countries flexibility in determining the carbon reductions and gives businesses a greater role in setting the agenda for a transition to a low carbon future. This change from a ‘top down’ to a ‘bottom up’ approach has created significant opportunities for innovation, positioning, restructuring, and growth in new markets.  Businesses have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with governments to enable achievement of commitments. Our expert consultants can help governments and businesses meet the challenges posed by energy security and climate change, while delivering sustainable solutions that maximize the benefits for our clients. We can provide expertise to not only in India but both developed countries and developing countries.


Dr. Dhiraj Kr. Singh

Managing Director