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AIC Background

The Government of India has setup the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) at NITI Aayog. The overarching purpose of this Mission is to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in India. The Government realizes that there is a need to create world class incubation facilities across various parts of India with suitable physical infrastructure in terms of capital equipment and operating facilities, coupled with the availability of sectoral experts for mentoring the start-ups, business planning support, access to seed capital, industry partners, trainings and other relevant components required for encouraging innovative start-ups. Accordingly, AIM supports the establishment of Atal Incubation Centres (AICs) that would nurture innovative start-up businesses in their pursuit to become scalable and sustainable enterprises. The scheme is known as Atal Incubation Centre.

Objectives of the AIC Scheme

The objective of the scheme is to promote and establish world class incubation centres in specific subjects/sectors such as manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education, agriculture, water and sanitation etc. in India. These incubation centres would support and encourage innovative technology based start-ups that have an application and/or impact in the core sectors of the economy. The incubation centres would provide the start-ups with necessary guidance, tech support, infrastructure, access to investors, networking, and facilitating a host of other resources that may be required for the startup to survive and scale.

Atal Incubation Centre (AIC) - GRC India:

"Renewable Resources & Environmental Sustainability" Incubator Centre supported by NITI Aayog under Atal Innovation Mission, Govt. of India. GRC India with more than a decade of experience in contributing to Environmental Sustainability & Social Development is among the very few private organization (out of 9 private firms) that has been selected by Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) to set-up AIC at its premises in Noida, UP under the thrust areas "Renewable Resources & Environmental Sustainability".

AIC-GRC India aims at fostering start-up companies with mentoring, flexible space, basic resources and other business services designed to accelerate their success, and eventually create jobs and promote 'Make in India' innovation forward in latest technologies in Renewable Resources & Environmental Sustainability.

Renewable Resources & Environmental Sustainability

  • Renewable energy
  • Water & Solid Waste Management
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Green buildings
  • Sustainable transport
  • Air Pollution


Selection criteria at AIC-GRC India

The centre will scrutinise received applications with the help of a screening panel comprising experts from diverse backgrounds that will include Venture Capitalists, Start-up founders, Mentors, Domain experts in technology & management of the area of the proposed technology, Faculty in-charge and Manager of the Incubator, business entrepreneurs and academicians from the domain area of the proposal. They shall screen the applications on the following framework: